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PrimeWare 9" Deep Hinged PLA-lined Clamshell Container

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Molded Fiber PLA-lined Deep Hinged Lid Containers made from renewable bagasse (sugarcane) are an eco-friendly option to styrofoam. PLA or corn-based plastic lined containers provide superior moisture and grease barrier for hot foods. They are disposable to help reduce cleanup time and FDA-approved for food contact. Hinged containers have a secure locking mechanism to prevent leaks or spills. They can be used to serve both hot and cold food items and are microwave and freezer safe.

  • Dimension: 9" length by 9" width by 3-3/16" height
  • PLA-lined medium-size deep hinged-lid container
  • Microwaveable and freezer safe
  • BPI-Certified, meets ASTM D6868 Standards for compostability

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