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PrimeWare Sugarcane Plates, Bowls & Platters

PrimeWare Compostable Sugarcane Plates, Bowls & PlattersEco-friendly compostable plates and bowls made from 100% renewable resources!

PrimeWare is the right solution when it comes to disposable tableware. As functional as paper or Styrofoam, but eco-friendly and guilt free! Their compostable plates, platters, and bowls are manufactured from Bagasse, the natural by-product of sugarcane after the juice is extracted from the cane. Rather than going to waste Primeware processes the bagasse material and molds it into heavyweight, high quality dinnerware.

PrimeWare plates and bowls are never coated with waxes or plastic yet are fully grease resistant and soak proof, making them perfect for quick food restaurants, concessions, caterers, hospitality, and more. You can even freeze and microwave them!

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