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ECOS PRO 32 oz. Lavender Glass Cleaner

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Make your glass surfaces shine with this ECOS PRO 32 oz. lavender scented glass cleaner. This cleaner is ideal for use on a variety of glass surfaces, including mirrors, windows, plexiglass, fiberglass, and windshields. It delivers a no-streak, residue-free clean, leaving your surfaces sparkling, as well as protecting them from unsightly finger prints. Plus, its calming lavender scent helps fight unpleasant odors, leaving your establishment smelling fresh and clean.
  • Made from purified water, ethanol, lavender oil and 100% coconut kernel oil-based surfactant
  • Made with certified USDA National Organic Program essential oils 
  • Plant-based surfactants do not harm the item being cleaned, you, or the environment
  • Non-filming, dust resistant 

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