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ECOS PRO 24 oz. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Keep your toilets clean and sanitized with this ECOS PL9703/6 Pro 24 oz. fresh cedar scented toilet bowl cleaner. This product is designed to thoroughly clean and fight odors in toilets, urinals, and ceramic bathroom surfaces. It removes rust, mineral deposits, and hard water stains, and its fresh cedar scent deodorizes the air without the dangers of harsh chemical fumes.
  • Formulated with cedar oil and citric acid to safely and effectively clean and deodorize toilets, urinals and other ceramic bathroom surfaces
  • Efficiently removes hard water stains and mineral deposits without any fumes
  • Non-toxic, readily-biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-based ingredients
  • Comes in a gooseneck squeeze bottle and is free of unpleasant and harsh scents, fumes, and vapors

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