Aardvark Eco-Flex Paper Straws

Aardvark Eco-Flex Paper Straws

Spice up your cold drinks with our eco-friendly, compostable Eco-Flex bendable paper straws

Aardvark’s patented Eco-Flex paper straws are perfect for any water glasses, high ball glasses, mixed drinks, to-go cups, and even children’s cups. They measure 7.75” in length and 0.227” in inner diameter. We offer Eco-Flex paper straws in an assortment of colors making them ideal for restaurants, bars and other establishments. These sturdy wrapped paper straws are biodegradable and made in the USA with FDA-approved non-toxic food safe dyes. Event planners, restaurants, zoos, theme parks, hospitals, hotels, airports and others can achieve the look they want with our eco-friendly paper straws.

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