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Eco friendly disposablesEco-friendly Disposable Utensils

We make it easy to Green your home, breakroom, restaurant, coffee shop, church or organization with disposables that are good for your wallet as well as the environment!

These days everyone is looking to "go green." Whether you're planning a party, wedding, business or social event, family picnic, or stocking up your eco-friendly coffee shop, restaurant, café or church kitchen, we've got a great selection of compostable, biodegradable utensils from trusted green brands.

These green utensils work as well or better than their plastic alternatives. And they can all be composted or disposed of safely and easily.

Best of all, you can buy them in quantities as small or large as you need. Click on any brand below and discover a variety of great products that will help save money and the environment.

PrimeWare™ 7" Eco-friendly Plant Starch Cutlery

PrimeWare™ 6.5" Compostable Cutlery

SpudWare™ 6" Compostable Spoons, Knives and Forks

EcoProducts™ 6" Plantware™ Compostable Cutlery

Eco Products™ 6.75" Compostable Spoons

EcoProducts™ 6.75" Eco-friendly Plant Starch Cutlery

NEW! Eco Products™ Recycled Cutlery

NEW! Eco Products™ Black Recycled Cutlery

SpudWare™ 6" Compostable Spoons, Knives and Forks

SpudWare™ 6" Compostable Spoons, Knives and Forks

6.5" Eco-Gecko Picnic Package

Eco Gecko™ 6.5" Biodegradable Wooden Utensils

Bambu™ Biodegradable Bamboo Cutlery

Bambu™ 6.5" Biodegradable Bamboo Utensils

World Centric™ 3" Compostable Tasting Spoon

World Centric™ 3" Compostable Tasting Spoon

EcoPicks™ Environmentally-friendly Toothpicks

EcoPicks™ Environmentally-friendly Toothpicks


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