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Sun-Mar™ Composter AdditivesSun-Mar™ Composter Additives

SUN-MAR’s garden composters incorporate a patented double drum Autoflow design. Material goes in the top and compost exits out the end as the drum rotates. As the drum rotates, compost moves along the outer drum and then back through the inner drum before dropping from the output port. Compost is removed by opening the output

Cities and individuals around the country are saying good-bye to plastic bags in landfills and making the move to natural methods of disposal, such as composting. The MaxAir kitchen composting system is the official kitchen composter of the City of San Francisco and City of Boulder residential composting programs, and now you can use it in your own home, too.

Sun-Mar™ Compost Swift Compost Additive

Sun-Mar™ Compost Swift Compost Additive

Compost Swift is a mixture of aerobic bacteria and enzymes, specifically formulated to speed the activity of aerobic bacteria in any backyard composter.

Compost Swift is in concentrate form in a special dose controlling 32 oz. bottle.

32 oz. Bottle

12 ct. Case

Sun-Mar™ Compost Magic

Sun-Mar™ Compost Magic

Compost Magic dramatically speeds up composting in a Sun-Mar composter. Compost Magic is 100% natural bulking material which is compressed for easy transportation, storage and handling. When water is added to a 600g brick, it expands to a volume of 8-9L.

Single Brick

24-brick Case

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